2ANNAS 2007

Frederik Hamm 2005 United Kingdom

Jean-Pierre Poirel 2006 France


In a huge industrial plant, slave labourers scurry about, transferred and reformated by mobile clocking-in-machines. A playful comment on language as a tool, seen trough a highly stylized world of graphics and sound.

No name
Anna Grinčuka 2007 Latvia

Divide in thoughts, non-existing in real space. Ignoring inessential aspects, who account extrinsic to accordant visual dot or who realize isn’t possible.

Five angry things
Christopher Eales 2006 United Kingdom


In a place where time twists, five creatures are caught in a endless cycle as a direct result of their actions

Didzis Eglītis 2007 Latvia

Action is turning up at 80th near Inešu lake.
The family is arrived to relax at the lake. Father Žanis, his wife Aija and their son Kārlis! Close to them are settled angler (Arvīds)! Žanis, playing ball with Kārlis, punt the ball into the lake and leave into the lake with clothing to get the ball. Aija sight it and start to scream panicaly.
Angler Arvīds run into a water and draw out žanis from the lake, but Žanis angrily walk away.
After dinner, while Aija with Kārlis is washing near the lake, Arvīds came to Žanis and give him a ball, saying, that he found it while boating. Arvīds tell him, that his son have drowned, when he was at the age as Žani’s son! They are having a talk!
At the next day Arvīds is teaching to swim to Žanis.

Lois de Cornulier 2006 France


Near a cemetry an undertaker keeps a shop which specializes in making customized coffins. But his booming business is suddenly put to a gruelling test.

Life worth living
Pienija Iloja 2006 Finland

Life Worth Living is a tragicomedy of sadness and apathy, an episodic study of our way of grasping to the little pieces of joy in everyday life.

Hearing Aid
Rotem Yaron 2007 Israel

On her 60th birthday, Hanna and her husband Shimon go to a Beethoven Concert.
Shimon has a hearing aid in his pocket, but he insists not to use it. On the next morning Shimon wakes up and Hanna isn't there.
Shimon looks for Hanna, while she spends time at their neighbor's apartment, one floor above.

Perfect Harmony
Izabela Bartosik 2006 France


The poetic and dreamlike portrait of a stringed-instrument maker in his workshop in the middle of the forest.

Dog and Dream
Una Rozenbauma 2007 Latvia

If we hear a story of an everyday life in a dream, what it could seem to us?

Navot Papushado 2007 Israel

During a serene voyage to her late grandfather's house, a young woman and her estranged boyfriend stumble upon an old camera. What seems at first as an innocent encounter, unearth an uncanny and unnerving past.

Tony Comley 2005 United Kingdom


As the gap between a burning airplane and the ground gets smaller, the passengers pass the time...


2ANNAS 2007

Jan Iljia, Tom Bitzer, Brunck Weber 2006 Germany


Two mechanical snails meet in the moonlight, but their romantic rendezvous is interrupted by a shadow...

Japenese Trend
Eli Leszczynski 2006 France

The story of tree young depressed persons who met in an internet chat and decide to commit suicide together

Aided Migration
Pauline Pinson 2006 France


Finally, it's time for Sureau to get his long awaited migration, the big trip, the love season! Yet whilst he heartily gets ready to leave, Sureau is diagnosed with a nitrogen allergy. From now on, he will have to fly by plane, alongside the other cripples

The Eye of a Cyclone
Julien Bisaro 2006 France


After an argument with the Rain Man, Igor's mother Rosetta turns into a storm, and sweeps Igor away. surreal vision of daily life through the eyes of a child.

Hilda & Karl
Toke Constantin Hebbeln 2006 Germany

Hilda, a young factory worker, is in love with foreman Karl. But how can she win his heart, when she`s too timid to confess her affection? Getting accidentally hold of his wallet seems like a golden opportunity. But then things get twisted.

Cocktails, nibbles and fangs
Helene Dusrocq 2006 France


Madeleine, an unfailingly professional and unflappable registration officer, meets Morfago, a giant, who puts her info more than mild fluster...not least due to the gigantic jaw behind his ear.

Western eyes
Hester Clark 2005 United Kingdom

Filmakademie Baden – Wuerttemberg 2006 Germany


Gardeners and their problems with neighbours.

Topless and bottomless
Dewi Noiry 2006 Francija


S. gets ready to begin yet another average day. He sits down at his desk, ready and eager to get stuck into a pile of work, when he suddenl stops dead in his tracks. Before his eyes, sitting at a desk that looks exactly like his own, is a completely naked man.

The adventures of John and John
William Bishop-Stephens 2005 United Kingdom

Station Next 2006 Denmark


Coffee Terror is aboud how people react towards other people in their busy everyday life, which actually means that they don’t react. Preben is kidnapped at his office by a bomb terrorst, while his colleagues are just staring at the epsode and sipping from their cups of coffee.

Pieter-Jan De Pue 2006 Belgium

The search for the last remaining drop of water symbolizes the return to purity, to pure emotions and amazement in a superficial era where life is dominated by fast-changing technology, where man has lost touch with nature.

This both breathtaking and fragile visual poem was inspired by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer:
"It's not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line created by man. What attracts me is the free, sensual curve.
Of curves is made all the Universe."

2ANNAS 2007

Frizētava/ Hairdresser’s
Rež. Kristīne Kursiša, 2006, Latvija

Recently on the Gogolu street there was a small, humble barber shop. On the shop window it said „Hairdresser and Manicure”. The owner of the barber shop, lady with a dyed hair, is honest and happily gives a reciept. Just as happy are other two laydies, which wait for clients for hours.  

Annabel Lee/ Annabel Lee
Rež. Dace Tukiša, 2007, Latvija

Wanted to incorporate image, sound and text.

Balts fons/ White Background
Rež. Andrejs Kostromins, 2007, Latvija

Sonya cannot find harmony in her soul. She feels herself unhappy and lonely, having no harmony and understanding of the surrounding world of people (symbolized by flies). People irritate and cause pain to her only. All she does is needless and useless (according to video, dissapears completely). But at the certain moment she falls in love... She understands that it is so easy to make people happy...

Nervu kamuoliukas/ Neurotic ball
Rež. Linas Tranas , 2007, Lietuva

This is a story about a boy who suffers teasing and consequently starts wrapping a Neurotic ball. However, his life doesn't become better. and suddenly one day he tears out his last hair...

Kust/ Kust
Rež. Dāvis Kaņepe, 2007, Latvija

For eight year old Gatis understanding of world is different than his parents. Despite his efforts misunderstandings can’t be avoided.

Želejkūka/ Jellycake
Rež. Elīna Ļihačeva, 2006, Igaunija

Two couples meet at home party. Women begin competition who has the best skills doing chores. Men doesn’t seem to have any luck.

Pārslodze/ Overcharge
Rež. Oskars  Pavlovskis, 2005, Latvija
More & more & more/ More & more & more
Rež. Laimonas Zakas, 2007, Lietuva

Animation made with more than 15.000 lithuanian 1 cent coins by the Funkstorung's song More & more & more.

Tablete/ Tablet
Rež. Maksims Paseka, 2006, Latvija

Animation gag.

Desmit Kosmonauti/ Ten Cosmonauts
Rež. Krišjānis Ābols, 2007, Latvija

It all started when government secret service felt the need to travel in space.

This experimental work plays with Latvian saying: if lady had wheels, she’d be tram.” This film asks question: what if a girl would be a tree?

Ja/ If
Rež. Agnese Ivane, Igaunija, 2007
Starp mums ir nodeveejs! kursh vainiigs? kursh?/ Among us there is betrayer! who is to blame? who?
Rež. Dacija Dumbrau, 2007, Latvija

Film is based on an excerpt from Hamlet by Shakespeare. It tells a story about young people, which are thrown in the world of cruel and senseless fights. There is only one way out from that…  

B-83-9/ B-83-9
Rež. Mikus Trautmanis, 2007, Latvija

In an apartment two agressive ideologies live. They try to beat each other, but is it possible to win at all?

Pie blakus galdiņa/ At proximal table
Rež. Didzis Eglītis, 2007, Latvija

Silent movies style – situation in a café.
Girl enters and sits at the table. After a moment upset pregnant lady comes in and takes here place at the next table. After some time fat man comes at the bar. Pregnant lady goes up to the man and begins to make excuses saying she will have money soon, but man threatens to strangle her. The lady gives him her ring. As he leaves, girl trips him over and takes back the ring. After she returns it to pregnant lady it turns out she’s an angel and flies away.

Sudameasjad/ Heartlessness
Rež. Mihkel Ulk, 2007, Igaunija

A young yuppie’s girlfriend belittles his success-oriented attitude towards
life by (või when) giving an interview to the news program of a satellite
channel. This activates a series of events leaving behind a trail of blood,
destroying her innocent childhood and dreams of a secure future.

Pāri galvām/ Over Heads
Rež. Astra Zoldnere, 2006, Igaunija

Story about a boy and a girl walking around a city and playing with reflections in the balloon. Troubles begin when balloon is lost. As she looks for it she mistakes one boy with another. 

kungi dzeriet etiķi/ doob!
Rež. Vents Grīnbaums, 2007, Latvija
Daniil Harm sometimes worries that there is too much meaning in his stories.
Konkurss/ Audition
Rež. Margus Paju, 2006, Igaunija

George is a contrabass player who sleeps in on the day of admission at the Music Academy. He also breaks his bow prior to it and performs the wrong pieces at his audiotion. But that's not all that fate has in store for him that day.

Moments/ Moment
Rež. Helmuts Apsis, 2006, Latvija

This is not a music video.

Rež. Mara Valtiņa, 2007, Latvija

A poem about spring coming.