Tour Dates

July 4th - 7th: Festival Rostock
July 11th-14th: Festival Gdansk
July 19th - 22nd: Festival Kaliningrad
July 31st - August 3rd: Festival Riga
August 9th - 12th: Festival  Narva-Jõesuu
August 21st - 24th: Festival St. Petersburg
August 25th - September 11th: From St. Petersburg back to Greifswald

Moving Baltic Sea - with a sailing ship and lots of tailwind, the travelling film and environmental festival Moving Baltic Sea will embark on its two-month journey in international waters in July 2008! The Moving Baltic Sea crew will stop at six different Baltic Sea ports in five different countries: starting in Germany we’ll be sailing through Poland and Kaliningrad, stopping in Latvia and Estonia, and dropping a final anchor in Russia - with a four-day festival programme in each of the countries.

As the heart of Moving Baltic Sea, the following four-day festival programme will take place at each of the tour stops presenting:

    * Open-air screening of a short film programme selected from entries of all Baltic Sea countries at a public site
    * Panel discussion with young activists, representatives from politics, environmental NGOs, media and culture
    * Screening of the constantly growing tour documentary, including images of the journey or audience reactions
    * Opening party with local artists and musicians
    *48-hour film contest: young filmmakers write screenplays, shoot and edit their own shorts on given themes within two days etc.

Festival organizers: Association Moviemomento (Germany)

Festival partners in Latvia: 2ANNAS & Vides izglītības fonds in cooperation with Dirty Deal Cafe and Sunset bar.

31.07. – 03.08.2008
Riga, Latvia


Opening of the festival:

16.00 Panel Discussion "Baltic Sea Action Plan: From Words To Action"/Floating Gallery „Noass“/
18.00 I Environment Film Studio (VFS) Short film programme /Floating Gallery „Noass“/
21.00 Opening of 48 h film workshop /Club "Space Dog"/
22.00 Afterparty with "Dirty Deal": DJ GG, DJ Rudolphs, DJ Rojas Klāvests / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri Stage, House 12/2/

10.00 Workshop "Analitical journalism in environmental field“ with Sandijs Semjonovs  /Floating gallery „Noass“/
11.00 Creative text workshop with organization MYSTYLe art / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2/
13.00 Poster Workshop with Jaga Jankowska /Floating gallery „Noass“/
20.00 Dirty Deal Electronic music concert with "Sarkanais", "Cliche", "DJBRAIN", "Fresh Mess" / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri Stage, House 12/2/
20.00 Sunset Bar Experience /Spīķeri tunell/
21.00 Hand Papermaking Workshop with Pavel Malishev (Russia) /Spīķeri tunnel/
22.00 MBS International Short Film Competition „Stories from the Seaside“ / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri Yard, House 12/2/
24.00 II Environment Film Studio (Latvia) Short Film Programme  / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri Yard, House 12/2/


17.00 Workshop "Live Green for Baltic Sea" with head journalist Anitra Tooma / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2/
20.00 Dirty Deal rock music concert with "Voiceks Voiska", "Baložu pilni pagalmi", "Martin Confused", "Kārlis Kazāks", "Goran Gora", "Mona De Bo" (Rudolf Records)/ Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri Stage, House 12/2/
20.00 Sunset Bar Experience /Spīķeri tunnel/
22.00 MBS Guest Film Programme „Colours of Green“ / Riverside, Spīķeri tunell/
24.00 Shadow Theatre „Chimeroteque“ (Kaliningrad) /Spīķeri tunell/


12.00 Photo Workshop with Stephanie Endter / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2/
19.00 48h film contest programme and awards / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2/
20.00 Closing Party with Dirty Deal / Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2/

Free Entrance!


Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, House 12/2, Stage or Yard – Address: Spīķeri, Dirty Deal Cafe, Maskavas Street 12, house 2

Spīķeri tunell and Riverside - Address: Spīķeri, Daugava riverside, behind Maskavas Street 8, house 1

Floating Gallery Noass - AB Dam, next to Stone bridge (Akmenu tilts)

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