Preparing the fourteenth festival 2ANNAS we returned to thoughts about what 2ANNAS are, what image we want to create for the festival and can we talk about such a self-invented term as “Ann-ishness” in the films.

2ANNAS were born in 1990ies as an alternative film screening, in which the director of the film studio URGA Viesturs Grazdanovics was trying to gather and show young amateur and experimental nonconformist films – a rare phenomenon at that time. He was looking for “those young filmmakers not infected by routine yet, having new understanding of space and armed with new technologies, who could become a new experience and avant-garde (From French “front row”, i.e. being in front).

By 2009 festival has grown into an international film event, which offers films made by young professional filmmakers, winners of international festivals, students and graduates of film schools from all over the world. In our guest programmes we seek for the innovative, experimental, unseen or long-forgotten in the film world.

No idea or event can last without an inner drive or a wish to express something. Therefore when selecting films for 2ANNAS competition programmes we search for works with an individual and unique signature, creativity, aesthetic and technical performance corresponding to the artistic idea. However, above all we crave for the feeling that without creating this film the filmmaker would not be able to fulfil him/her-self, live further. Works, which reflect with the world and the inner life of the filmmaker; works that can be created unless the creator is routine and compromise free. That is what we call – ANN-ishness. That is the ideal. However, cooperation requires compromises.

Currently we are the only short film festival in Latvia. Our aim is to popularize European and international young authors’ films as an alternative to multiplex mainstream cinema products.  We also want to see the development of the Baltic films as an art form and their tendencies in the context of the world; we want to advertise the works created in the Baltic region by creating appropriate environment - a platform for developing new ideas and cooperation projects.

Last year guest programs were devoted to socially political cinema, we studied film as a form of mass media, reflecting social processes taking place in the contemporary society and changes which affected all nations by the political and economical modifications. This year we study the human being, restrictions that humans invent and impose on themselves, inner abscesses that creep on surface as the result of existential reflections. New searches and philosophical contemplation, looking into the deepest processes of revaluation. The struggle of the Saint Skywalker for the humanity.

In 2009 2ANNAS are searching for sweat, blood and revelations, torn-up wounds, deeper dimensions and the soul. 2ANNAS are looking for a cinema, which speaks for itself, a cinema created in space and time, inner our outer - it does not matter. Cinema as a media which can convey information about society in which we are, were or will be. We do not accept artificial constructions we only take what is real! We might close our eyes on technical imperfections, but never on creative shortsightedness. An experiment is what makes us moan in ecstasy, getting closer to art – scream.