Commune U35: Music + Cinema


Experimental workshop / performance


In 2008, a new concept of collaboration for the young film artists arose during the exchange of ideas between 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival and students from Latvian Culture Academy Film Department. In July 2008, a small pilot project within Moving Baltic Sea festival was carried out on a local level with an aim to create conditions and an environment for a creative, effective and experiment-friendly platform for up-coming professional filmmakers (under age of 35). For 12 hours, 10 teams of filmmakers were “locked in” into an artist residence/club, forming a kind of a commune where they created and presented concepts of the scripts for the short films on environmental issues. This activity was evaluated by a professional jury and audience and broadcasted on the web-site of the 2ANNAS festival. During the next 36 hours, filmmakers had to shoot, edit and present their completed works. This concept of the workshop/competition was called Cinema Commune U35 (Kino Komūna U35 in Latvian) and is now planned to be developed into a new project crossing the borders of national level, involving both local and international artists of cinema and music art field. The project is called Commune U35: Music + Cinema.


Commune U35: Music + Cinema is an inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary project consisting of several parts and supported by Nordic Culture Fund togather with State Culture Capital Foundation. Its main goal is to develop a new form of professional collaboration and experience between young Latvian and Nordic musicians and filmmakers. Through this project, the knowledge and understanding of Nordic and Latvian new and traditional forms of music will be broadened with the help of film and audiovisual media reaching a wide range of audiences. The project will result in the production of new music videos and a public presentation / video and music performance.



Young proffesional composers (under age of 35) of electronic, experimental and classical music from Latvia and Nordic countries;
Young proffesional filmmakers (under age of 35) from Latvia and Nordic countries.

Part 1: Creation of music works. All the young composers (under age of 35) will be given the task to compose a 3-5 minutes long musical work according to specific rules. Composers will be free in their form of expression and genre, but there will be few compulsory elements for the composition:

  • For the Latvian composers: The composition must include 1 four-beat quote from a Latvian folk song (free choice) + 1 four-beat quote from a Nordic folk song.
  • For the Nordic composers: The composition must include 1 quote from a Nordic folk song (free choice from Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greenland folk songs) + 1 quote from a Latvian folk song (free choice).
  • The composition must be hand in/sent to the organizers of the workshop by the 1st of March as a high quality record on CD and/or in mp3 format.

Part 2: Workshop/Commune/Broadcasting. The next part of the project is the direct collaboration and exchange of ideas between the music and film artists. This will happen under special circumstances, creating effective and productive space of work. On the 12th  of March the Commune U35 will take place in Riga, Latvia. All the participants -  filmmakers and composers - will be driven to a club in Riga where they will stay for the next 12 or 24 hours. Each filmmaker will be “given” a composition by lottery and will work during the 24 hours in close cooperation with the author of the music to develop a complete script for its music video.

The development of the script will be divided in 3 parts (synopsis – treatment – script) that will all be presented to a professional jury board and discussed between all the participants. The limited time as well as presentations of the script development process to will encourage participants to do their best.

A special artistic, social, educational and marketing activity will also be held during the workshop. With a help of an MC, the processes of Commune U35 - the brainstorming, presentations, activities, and live interviews with the participants and the members of the jury board - will be broadcast live on the 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival website, and probably in a public space in town.

Part 3: Shooting. After the workshop, the filmmakers will be given 2 days on their own to shoot the music video and hand it to the organizers of the project.

Part 4: Presentation and concert. The project ends with a public screening of the music videos on March 15th and programme will also be screened during 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival in May 2009.. The screening will be accompanied by a few live performances of the used music works, performed by students of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music and other young music artists.

The rights of the works will be given to the authors of music and videos, except of non-commercial rights for distribution of the whole Commune U35: Music + Cinema music video programme (screenings of all music videos in 1 programme togather) will be held by organizers – 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival.


2ANNAS International Short Film Festival
Annas Street 2
Riga, LV-1001


Project music coordinator: Lauma Tuča,, +371 28383617
Project leader: Dana Indane,, +371 29765381


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