Starting from December 2010, International Short Film Festival initiates a new tradition – 2ANNAS PROJECTOR - screening special film programmes in two of the hippest party venues in Riga – cafe PIENS and music club NABAKLAB. Dates & times for the third programme – Januray 24th, 8 p.m., NABAKLAB, and February 1st, 7 p.m., PIENS. Please see the description below.


Sam Spiegel Film and Television school



Dir. Avishag Leibovich, 2008, 16mm, 18’

17 year-old Noa’s parents are away for the weekend and she has to stay with Herta, her grandmother. In her late 1970’s, Herta is a tough lady but is gradually losing her eyesight. Every day at 4pm Noa reads out loud the subtitles of Herta’s favourite soap for her. Unnoticeably, it becomes a time that brings them clser together.



Dir. Anat Malz, 2008, 16mm, 18’

Things aren’t going so well fo Vida at her workplace. The world is moving forward and she is left behind, as she fails to get help even from her daughter. One morning she arrives at her office only to find that no one is here.


Dir. Sigalit Lipshitz, 2000, 16mm, 13.40’

On a hot summer day, an Israeli chicken breeder, accompanied by his Romanian worker, is driving his chickens to the market. Upon arriving at a Palestinian road-block, they are brought to a halt. Marziano the farmer, in his attempts to get through, is forced to confront the commander in charge – Nabil, a former worker at Marziano’s chicken farm.


Dir. Naomi Levari, 2004, 16mm, 17.30’

Yoav Genar, a 1960s pacifist, is doing all he can to prevent his son from enlisting in the army. In the 24 hours prior to the draft, emotional and ideological confrontation evolves between father and son.


Dir. Zelda Hoha, 2003, 16mm, 20.53’

Since the death of her mother, Lisa has been the mother of her three brothers. At night, the only time she has to herself, she writes. When she wins a student scholarship to Jerusalem, she has to face a difficult dilemma: to leave or to remain at home taking care of the problematic family.








Starting from December 2010, International Short Film Festival initiates a new tradition – 2ANNAS PROJECTOR - screening special film programmes in two of the hippest party venues in Riga – cafe PIENS and music club NABAKLAB. Dates & times for the second programme – December 21st, 7 p.m., PIENS, and December 27th, 8 p.m., NABAKLAB. Please see the description below.



Experimental shorts


Stills from Robert on his Lunch Break, dir. Dave Andrae, USA, 2010 

Gold Digger 2, dir. Inese Vēriņa, Latvia, 2010

Gold Digger is a young woman seeking or attaching herself to a rich and/or powerful older man who supports her. Of course, it is hard to find and get one of them...

The Multitude is Feverish, dir. Vika Kirchenbauer, Germany, 2010

The diary-based film reveals itself as a poetically sharp portrait of a gender-blurring person who purposely misses her connecting flight “for no particular reason”. Fluidly shifting between various perspectives, styles and time stages, the borders between subjectivity and objectivity become as obsolete as those between inner and outer world. As she is wandering through the city we dive into the multilayered facets of a personality and get hints of the contradictions, struggles and desires that can lie within a person.

Space Poodle, dir. Inese Vēriņa, Latvia, 2009

Space Poodle lives in the space. Suddenly, he's got an urget need, which takes him to Earth.

2009 in 365 seconds, dir. Karl Larsson, Sweden, 2010

10 minutes of intense silence; 10 minutes of chaotic “visual noise” of bombarding images. The author's memories and images form a particular database, represented in a flickering film dealing with the intensity of memories. A single memory as a frame, a still image that is one among millions of others. All memories are equal and merge into an abstract form, layers and layers upon each other, thus creating a specific reality.

The Human Body (illustrated), dir. Sally Stevens, UK, 2009

Animation about the (non necessarily factual) workings of the human body. Made by animating on real life bodies, and utilising a number of techniques including pixilation and stop motion. Filmed on 35mm film stills with the negatives then scanned in.

Eulogy, dir. Ben Claremont, Australia, 2009

An old man slowly chases a flock of pigeons. A whole life's story is told in just a few seconds.

Robert on his Lunch Break, dir. Dave Andrae, USA, 2010

Robert is a bookish, somewhat withdrawn entry-level office clerk waiting for a to-go order of food. While getting a breath of fresh air and staring into space, he's accosted by Bradley, an earless head with eyes like drains who begins to berate him--perhaps telepathically--with petty insults disguised as good advice.

Passing, dir. Seong Jun Lee, UK, 2009

Nostalgic journey through coloured silhouettes.