International Competition


16.00 International Competition I Improbable Two’s 105’

- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80


The Strange Ones, Lauren Wolkstein & Christopher Radcliff, FR, 2011, fiction, 15’
A Man and a Boy, trudging down a hot, deserted stretch of highway, sneak into a motel swimming pool and are soon found by a Girl who works there. While at first everything seems normal, as the Boy speaks with the Girl a strange and disturbing shift occurs, and the reality of who they really are is called into question.

Ewa and Marcin (Ewa i Marcin), Matej Bobrik, PL, 2010, fiction, 18’
A sad story told in a funny way until a certain moment.

The Cortège (El Cortejo), Marina Seresesky, ES, 2010, fiction, 14’
Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for Marta to take flowers to the grave of her husband. She is his last hope.

Raju, Max Zähle, DE, 2010, fiction, 23’

A German couple adopts an Indian orphan in Kolkata. When the child suddenly disappears, they realize they are part of the problem.

Ravenboy (Rabenjunge), Andrea Deppert, DE, 2011, animation, 10’
By giving ugliness an aesthetic role, this puppet animation sets the question: can beauty change the world?

Escape his Stare (M´Echapper de son regard) Chen Chen, FR, 2010, animation, 4’
One day, Mr. Wang notices that there’s a rooster in the marketplace, which keeps staring at him…

The Empress, Lyle Pisio, CA, 2009, animation, 9’

A stop-motion animated film about two strangers who fall in love across a seedy bar and have an affair that exists only in their minds and shadows.

Loom, Ilija Brunck, DE, 2010, animation, 5’

Elaborate 3D animation that uses technical possibilities to give a closer view on moth being drowned in nature’s complex cycles.

We Love our Clients (Al servizio del cliente), Beppe Tufarulo, IT, 2010, fiction, 6’
During a night shift, supermarket employees perform their duties with great boredom. Until they find a new way to navigate the routes of their clients…


19.00 International Competition II Me, the Other  91’

- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80


I (Ich), David Fonjallaz, CH, 2011, fiction, 12’

The man leads a simple, content life. Up until the day when he discovers a signpost at his local park which has the word 'park' written on it. For the man this signpost marks the beginning of a growing alienation from his surroundings. Is it only through labeling and language that reality and its elements become real if something as known and familiar as a park needs to be labeled as a 'park'? A film about a man who creates fatal misunderstandings by desperately trying to avoid them.

Audition (Auditin), Eti Tsicko, IL, 2010, fiction, 16’

A female director (played by the director herself) calls an Arab actor for an audition. What are the boundaries of an audition? And where does "reality" start and the "movie" end?

Striptease, Juan Carlevaris, ES, 2011, fiction, 9’
Julio records Sofia on camera, asking her to do a striptease. Julio will find that nudity can be quite complicated.

Jeannine M., Grégoire Lemoine, FR, 2010, animation, 4’
A cut-out animation which ironically speaks about the future problems of earth and their solutions.

Party (Tulum), Dalibor Matanic, HR, 2009, fiction, 15’

A girl and her friends are enjoying a careless summer day on the sunlit streets of Vukovar, where light-heartedness and leisure make everything seem nice and simple. They are not aware that the youthful idyll might be easily broken.

Tonight is Not a Good Night for Dying, Ali Asgari, IR, 2010, fiction, 5’

At night, all is quiet. But the silence is broken by the sound of a man falling.

Miss Remarkable and Her Career (Fröken Märkvärdig & Karriären), Joanna Rubin Dranger, SE, 2010, animation, 30’
A black-humour animation about inner demons, crushing parental expectations and a career meltdown.



21.00 International Competition III The Great Unknown 104’
- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80



Helpless, Li Yang, CN, 2010, fiction, 28’
A hopeless man receives mysterious directions. By following them, he's entering into a world he no longer controls...

Sonor, Levin Peter, DE, 2010, documentary, 36’

An encounter between a film musician and a former ballet dancer, who is deaf by birth. Two people with an apparently conflictive acoustic perception enter the realm of a sound journey. They explore acoustic spaces, experiment with various instruments and seek for sounds. Their experiences are interpreted in a musical improvisation. Sonor invites the audience to undergo a chance in its own perception of tone and sound.

Abstract?, Alexei Dmitriev, RU, 2009, experimental, 3’
An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

Prelude, Nadine Poulain, DE, 2010, experimental, 12’
Shot on a lake on the island Rügen in northern Germany, the film is a metamorphic rendition of the visual phenomenon of light on water.  The sound of a low drone – subtle and minimal, yet highly emotive – accompanies the reductive imagery, which consists of formations of floating white lines on a black background.

Lin, Piers Thompson, 2010, UK, fiction, 25’

A woman arrives in an unknown country at daybreak. She appears to be running away from her past.




20.00 International Competition IV False Glitter 71’

- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80


Stardust, Nicolas Provost, BE, 2010, fiction, 20’

The inhabitants of Las Vegas and its visitors unwittingly act as the leading characters and extras in Stardust. Nicholas Provost filmed everyday life in Sin City with a hidden camera, making use of Hollywood's cinematic and narrative codes to edit the footage into a fiction film. Without even realising it, a couple of real Hollywood stars, including Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson, even have cameo roles.

Death of a Pop Star,  Greg Loser, US, 2010, fiction, 15’
A Nigerian housekeeper, a breezy chef, an agent to the formerly fabulous, a misguided spiritualist and a doctor with multiple motivations form the bruised entourage of a music superstar in an examination of the unrelenting inertia of celebrity life.

Interview #3, Marlene Denningmann, DE, 2011, experimental, 6’
Sebastian Urzendowsky, the young and rising German actor, is answering questions. But where is the conversation headed for? (Interview: Dietrich Kuhlbrodt)

Cigarette Candy, Lauren Wolkstein, US, 2010, fiction, 2010, 14’
Eddie Van Buren, a traumatized teenage Marine, is forced to play the role of "the hero" at his homecoming party. In pursuing a rebellious, precocious sixteen-year-old girl, Candy, he sees an opportunity to numb his pain and connect to a fellow lost soul.

Pain so Light it Appears to Tickle, Dalibor Baric, HR, 2010, animation / experimental, 4’

An experimental cu-out animation with a plethora of references to Pop art.

Teclopolis (Teclópolis), Javier Mrad, AR, 2009, animation, 12’
Once upon a time. Old magazines gently dance in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while an old carpet flows in and out. Suddenly, a mouse. Then, a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.


22.00 International Competition V Lonely Together 104’

- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80


The Cage (Colivia), Adrian Sitaru, RO, 2010, fiction, 17’
Dinner. Father and Mother are eating when the son shows up, carrying an injured dove in his arms. “What is that?“ asks the father. “What does it look like?” replies the son. The mother has a look at the dove and continues doing what she is doing. “I want the dove to stay”, says the son. “Impossible”, says the father. “I want the dove to stay and I want a cage for the dove”, insists the son. “Who will pay for that?” asks the father. “You”, says the son. The mother doesn’t say a word. Later on father and mother meet in the bedroom.

Small Change, Cathy Brady, IE, 2010, fiction, 17’

Karen (Nora-Jane Noone), a young single mother is bored by routine. Slot machines have become her secret thrill and addiction. With Christmas looming, a desperate hope for a big win sees her life spiral out of control.

Narrow Gauge, Joseph Briffa, UK, 2010, fiction, 22’
Will and Jeane have all the trappings of a successful life, but after years of trying for a baby, the now middle-aged couple realise they are unable to conceive.  At this sensitive time in their relationship, an uninvited and heavily pregnant visitor comes to stay.   Will they welcome into their home what they desire most?

Baby, Daniel Mulloy, 2010, UK, fiction, 25’
A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won't leave her alone.

The Ticket Collector (Revizor), Catalin Musat, BA, fiction, 2010, 24’

A violent clash encounter between a ticket collector and a drunk without a ticket, in the tram, turns into an unexpected possible friendship.