Baltic Competition


18.00 Baltic Competition 118’
- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80



Song of Songs, Urte Budinaite (Urtė Budinaitė), LT, 2010, animation, 4’
A Woman and A Man have a vital fight about an empty pack of milk. Based on King Solomon's Song of Songs, the painted animation shows graphically stylized silhouettes which continually transform and interact with pieces of text. 

Zoe, Darja Poļakova, LV, 2011, fiction, 12’
One-shot film capturing ten minutes in life of a young couple.

Under (Po), Reda Bartkute, LT, 2010, animation, 4’
Can you recognise your deepest desires in your dreams? This film is a dream.. Follow the eternally sneaking fox, hide in the shadows, taste the air. Listen to your subconscious and don’t be afraid of what you might hear.

Woman and Wind (Sieviete un vējš), Aija Bley, LV, 2011, animation, 11’

She is young and beautiful. Her mischievous green eyes are looking for an opportunity to break out of the dull routine of daily life. She is going on a journey and her experiences there with pull her into a whirlwind of passion!

System (Sistēma), Armands Začs, LV, 2010, documentary / experimental, 13’

When you wake up in the morning you may notice the world has been awake the whole time.

The Mole (Dzimumzīme), Ieva Putniņa, LV, 2011, animation, 5’

On the world are bad moles, which eat people's sensitive souls. Referes to animation clasic and contemporary trends in visual arts. This animation is a avangardic insight to yung artists humorous fantasy flow.

It Would Be Splendid, Yet... (Jau puiku, tik dar siek tiek…), Lina Lužyte, LT, 2009, fiction, 28’

A humorous and nostalgic take on the early 1990s post-Soviet society, told through a family drama.

Volli Pall, Chintis Lundgren, EE, 2010, animation, 12’
Animation with an insight into Estonian mentality. Volli, who works as a tour-guide, one morning discovers a portuguese in his closet.

A Letter from Ruhnu (Kiri Ruhnust), Heilika Pikkov, EE, documentary, 29’
A fateful newspaper ad brings a young teacher Kadri to teach on a small Estonian island called Ruhnu. Her job becomes to teach the youngest children in Ruhnu School’s 1st and 2nd grade - both grades have one student. At the same time, Kadri tries to get used to life on the island and understand the strange habits and tiny peculiarities of the villagers living in the island’s isolated conditions.