Out of competition programmes


20.00 – 02:00 2ANNAS film night – Latvian student shorts
– entrance: free



A Girl’s Soul, Inese Vēriņa, Novia, fiction, 2010, 9’

Parādi man skaņu, Agnese Laizāne, BFMS, fiction, 2010, 32’

Tādas tās ainas ir, Lauma Balode, LKA, documentary, 2010, 9'

Aiz žoga, Liene Laviņa, BFMS, documentary, 2010, 26’

My Dad Collects Cats, Lizete Murovska, BFMS, animation, 2010, 14'

Pielaikot, Aleksandrs Rusevics, LKA, fiction, 2010, 8’

Bradājums, Kristaps Krūmiņš, LKA, documentary, 2010, 18’
1 un 2 un 3 un..., Renārs Horsts, LKA, documentary, 2011, 22’

Kāpēc es neaizlidoju kosmosā, Kristaps Krūmiņš, LKA, fiction, 2011, 6’
Renata, Liene Linde, LKA, documentary, 2010, 15’
Polka Polka, Gundars Jakobsons, LKA, fiction, 2010, 5’
Lopkautuve, Jānis Krūmiņš, LKA, fiction, 2010, 9’
Andžiņš, Madara Dišlere, LKA, fiction, 2010, 20’
Pūt Dirsā!, Gundars Jakobsons, LKA, fiction, 2010, 24’
Buldozeriņi, Ģirts Edvarts Stepiņš, LKA, documentary, 2010, 13’
Mans dēls – patriots, Armands Začs, LKA, fiction, 2010, 11’

Sakāve, Liene Linde, LKA, 2011, fiction/experimental, 6'
Kiwie, Ants Šteinbergs, documentary, 2010, 13’
Mašīnists, Sergejs Petrānis un Jurijs Skorobogatovs, LKA, documentary, 2010, 15’
Atceros tevi, Santa Skutele, LKA, fiction, 2011, 12’

Kumode, Kristaps Brīze, LKA, fiction, 2011, 8’

Komunalka, Dmitrijs Ščegoļevs, LKA, fiction, 13’

Ģimenes portrets, Laura Zemvalde, VGIK, fiction, 2010, 25’

16.00 London Short Film Festival Best of Fest 80’
- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80




The London Short Film Festival, the city’s most expansive and radically explosive film festival, has been growing year on year since 2003 to take in more films, live music, industry and training and diverse, high quality venues. With over 200 short films, LSFF’s programme is exclusively with the work of Britain’s most exciting up-and-coming filmmakers. Each year the country’s most fiercely independent and creative can see their work grace the screens of the capital’s most prestigious cinemas, having a history of sneaking renegades and eccentrics onto the city’s film scene.
In collaboration with LSFF founder and director Philip Ilson, 2ANNAS hosts a special screening of the award-winning films from the festival’s 2011 edition.



You Must be Joking, Michael Cash, UK, 2010, animation, 5‘
Winner of the Shooting People Award for Best Comedy Short.
A five minute animation based on an edited recording from a live performance by the comedian Adam Bloom.

Robin Hood Gardens (Or Every Brutalist Structure for Itself), Martin Ginestie, UK, 2010, documentary, 17‘
Winner of the Sheffield Doc/Fest Award for Best Short Doc.
An investigation into the debate surrounding the fate of Robin Hood Gardens, a controversial housing estate.

Slick Horsing, Kiron Hussain, UK, 2011, experimental, 2‘
Winner of the Animate Projects Award for Best Experimental Film.
Kindling photo-sensitive epilepsy in lieu of a heroin high brings night terrors.

The Furred Man, UK, 2010, fiction, 15‘
Winner of the Little White Lies Award for Best Lo-Budget Short.
A bruised and battered Max sits in an interrogation room dressed in a ghoulish costume caked in dried blood. Can this furry man explain himself?

Bad Penny, Alex Sufit, UK, 2009, music video, 3‘

Winner of the Radar Award for Best Music Video.
A young woman wakes up with a hangover and tries to piece together a night she will come to regret.

Paris/Sexy, Ruth Paxton, 2010, fiction, 24‘
Winner of the UK Film Council Award for Best British Short.
Greer's weird. Everyone in the village thinks so.

Elsewhere, Mathy Tremewan and Fran Broadhurst,, UK, 2010, fiction, 13'
Two ‘lovers on the run’ head into the middle of nowhere, armed only with strange trinkets and a silver boombox. A journey of love, loss and destruction, all set to a mixtape cassette.


16.00 Salon des Refusés
- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80


Threesome, Johannes Dullin, 2010, fiction/experimental, 10'

Pornsites are the most clicked websites ever. Is porn the answer to our unmistakable need for physical contact or just one of its aspects? In any case the physical touch forms the center of Threesome. The film explores what comes across as the phenomenon porn and observes it in its very own way.


EXTINCTION II, Fernando Uson, ES, 2010, experimental, 12'

A married couple dresses up to attend a ceremony.

Monumento (Monument), Devis Venturelli, IT, 2010, experimental, 2'

The film is the progressive approach to a mysterious, transformed object. What we have is an ordinary truck tractor, a recurring element in highway non-places, parked and covered with
a veil. The traveling monument of our streets, the truck, is portrayed as it lies still, isolated from the container it carries behind.

Commuting, Christopher Quinn, UK, 2010, fiction, 5'

Millions of people all over the world make long journeys to work every day. He is just one of them.


You, Human, Christoph Rainer, US, 2011,  fiction, 12’

Rob, a worn out robot, who drowns his sorrows of his 'screwed' existence in alcohol, comes to ask himself the essential question: why do humans lie?


Prémices (First Fruits), Pao Paixao, CH, 2011, fiction, 30'

A coming of age story turning into a drama. Inspired by The story of the Eye from G. Bataille, this movie shows the loss of innocence through the exploration of sexuality. It also stresses the compulsive behaviour of a young generation which build their identity through the digitalisation of their private life.





16:00 Awarded films screening

- entrance: LVL 2.10 / students LVL 1,80
20:00 Secret extra screening