2ANNAS use the screen as a communication tool, offering specially selected short and feature-length films. During the festival Positivus 2ANNAS will present A programme with fresh pieces from friend’s festivals in Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia.


1st day, 19th July

Laila Pakalnina - Forty two / Četrdesmit divi, 52 min

Baiba Stafecka - Idiots / Idioti, 90 min

2ANNAS fiery friends - In the Palace International Short Film Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria, 91 min 

2nd day, 20th July

2ANNAS serious friends - Tampere film festival, Tampere, Finland, 91 min 

2ANNAS "braļukas" - Lithuanian Shorts, Vilnius, Lithuania, 96 min

2ANNAS think / HAD HAD, Sean Grattan, 84 min 

3rd day, 21st July

2ANNAS sleepwalking friends - Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, Tallinn, Estonia, 98 min

2ANNAS easy-going friends - Zubroffka International short film fetsival, Bialystok, Poland, 105 min

2ANNAS animated friends - Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 82 min

2ANNAS dream - 78 min 


2 ANNAS and 2 directors

Forty two / Četrdesmit divi, Laila Pakalniņa , documentray, Latvia, 2013, 52 min

"I wish to bring out something from inside of the marathon for those who do not practice running it because they don’t want or because they can’t. For example, for my Mum whose legs ache. I am acting like a spy sent in the marathon."-LailaPakalniņa

Idiots / Idioti, Baiba Stafecka, documentary, Latvia, 2013, 90 min

"The story around the local bohemian" golden youth "- a young musician Gatis his friend’s Matiss and their contemporaries anti - philistine attempts to escape the monotony of life."-Viktorija Eksta: "The grandmother and idiots" / Satori

2ANNAS serious friends - Tampere film festival, 86 min

Tampere International Film Festival believes that the spectator must be carried away, moved and surprised. This is one of the oldest and most visited festivals in Europe. That offers incredible finds in short film starting from experimental comedy and ending with documentary animation. 

2ANNAS think, 84 min

Seeking out for fresh stuff, 2ANNAS has prepared a selection of witty short films from its international collection. Includes film HAD HAD (42 min).

HAD HAD - Sean Grattan, experimental sci-fi, New Zealand, 2012, 42 min

Ostensibly a horror movie, HAD HAD uses the traditional storyline of a group of people encountering an intruder from the outside. The action takes place in a preset of domestic modern architecture, contextually displaced by the limited compositional palette. The performances emphasize the absurd aspects of an obsessive use of rational language, via the subject of technological determinism. 

2ANNAS fiery friends - In The Palace International Short Film Festival, 91 min

2ANNAS Bulgarian friends, the International Short Film Festival "In the Palace" from the sunny Balchik Black Sea coast prepared a selection of the last three years, the most successful Bulgarian directors animation and fiction shorts. 

2ANNAS "braļukas" - Lithuanian Shorts, 96 min 

Lithuanian Shorts offers a selection of short films produced by young filmmakers and artists in Lithuania. 

2ANNAS dream, 78 min

In this program 2ANNAS has collected visually enjoyable films by artists and experimental filmmakers from around the world over the past three years.

2ANNAS sleepwalking friends - Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, 98 min

Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival in Tallinn is dedicated to bringing audiences the best films from established filmmakers alongside exciting new talents. The programme will provide and tantilsing and eclectic selection of mini masterpieces that will delight, excite and surprise

2ANNAS easy-going friends - Zubroffka International Short Film Festival, 105 min

Žubroffka ISFF offers to your attention a selection of short documentaries dated from 2011 to 2012 year, produced in Poland.

2ANNAS animated friends - Animated Dreams, 82 min

 "Animated Dreams" is the oldest and largest in the Baltic Animated Film Festival, which will offer POSITIVUS visitors contemporary animation from Estonia, that includes the freshest and most interesting works from independent film and professional artists.