international short competition



Girl Power On - International Short Film Competition I



October 18, 16:00 KSuns

October 22, 14:00 KKc cultural centre


CUTTING GRASS, Asier Altuna, documentary, Spain, 2013, 13’

Zęla Trovkę is an old Slovak “moritat”, a type of ballad that narrates the events surrounding a murder.


A MILLION MILES AWAY, Jennifer Reeder, fiction, USA, 2014, 28'

Contemporary relationship drama reaches its apotheosis to the beat of a 1980s heavy metal anthem. A woman (the conductor) is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and just like the teen girls (the choir) undergoes a transformation. Teacher and pupil roles are reversed when the woman can't decipher her lover's text message. Melancholy as a survival strategy in the American Mid-West.


SUPERVENUS, Frederic Doazan, animation, France, 2013, 2’

A plastic surgeon is creating in real time the new goddess of beauty.


IT GIRL, Oriol Puig Playà, fiction, Spain, 2014, 3’

Overwhelmed by her husband’s medical bills, Sofia takes a desperate measure: she becomes an egoblogger.


SUBTOTAL, Gunhild Enger, fiction, Norway, 2014, 19'

What is the true cost of a bargain? Subtotal is a story of an nontraditional encounter between a Swedish salesman and a Norwegian couple on their monthly bargain hunting at the border between Norway and Sweden.



The New World Order - International Short Film Competition II


October 18, 18:00 KSuns

October 22, 16:00 KKc cultural centre


SYMPHONY No.42, Réka Bucsi, animation, Hungary, 2013, 10'

The film applies an unconventional narrative. It presents a subjective world through 47 scenes. The small events, interlaced by associations, express the irrational coherence of our surroundings. The surreal situations are based on the interactions of humans and nature.


BUTTERLAMP, Hu Wei, fiction, France/China, 2013, 16'

A photographer weaves unique links among nomadic families.


SAFARI HEAT, Antti Laakso/Simo Ruotsalainen, animation, Finland, 2013, 5’

They Came For Our Minerals. Denny must choose his side as key witness in the biggest court case in Cape Town history. Final episode.


SIMPLE, Markus Wende, animation, Germany, 2013, 1’

"I just want sex!" says Tanja to Benjamin. 


RABBITLAND, Ana Nedeljkovic/Nikola Majdak Jr., animation, Serbia, 2013, 7’

Brainless Rabbits live in Rabittland, a perfect world ordered according to the most successful examples of war zones, ghettos and slums. They are intensively pink, have holes in their heads instead of brains, and they are happy regardless of what happens to them. They are the highest stage the evolution has ever reached. Their everyday life is completely fulfilled. The Rabbits spend days voting on free and democratic elections, which take place in Rabbitland once a day, because Rabbitland is an ordered democracy.


WHAT'S YOUR SECRET OF LONG LIFE? Ester Jánka, animation, Hungary, 2013, 1'

The animated short film tries to find the secret of long life. 13 lovely elderly animals are ready to share their secrets and give you tips how they managed to live for such a long time. A short but heart-warming interview, which contains the truth about life.


DEMONTABLE, Douwe Dijkstra, hybrid, Netherlands, 2014, 13'

A playful rendering of the absurd distortion between our daily lives and the global news: war is waged on the kitchen table while a man drinks coffee. The world is on fire. Attack helicopters shred a newspaper, while a dinner plate suffers a drone strike...


EXLAND, Mihai Grecu/Thibault Gleize, documentary, France, 2013, 8'

Somewhere, lost among majestic fjords and snowy tops, mysterious postmodern monuments show an ambiguous human presence, having tried to modify the landscape forthe benefit of an abstract ideological symbolism. This movie is at the same time a visualisation of the works of an utopian land art, a criticism of the consumer society as well as a diversion of the contemporary imaging of disasters.



CHILDHOOD: International Short Film Competition III


October 18, 20:00 Ksuns

October 23, 16:00 KKc cultural centre


SEVEN TIMES A DAY WE BEMOAN OUR LOT AND AT NIGHT WE GET UP TO AVOID OUR DREAMS, Susann Maria Hempel, animation, Germany, 2014, 18'

Structured as a "devotional book gone astray" and based on interviews, the film tells the Passion story of an EU pensioner from East Thuringia who has become entangled in a chain of unfortunate events since losing his memory in a prison in 1989.


SUN STROKE, Morgane Le Péchon, animation, France, 2013, 4’

A hot Sunday by the lakeside. Whilst his father is fishing and his mother sunbathes, Irvine dreams up an extravagant death for himself.


MARC JACOBS, Sam de Jong, fiction, Germany, 2014, 15’

A short film about a young boy living in Amsterdam Noord who longs to go on holiday to Morocco with his father.


REDEMPTION, Miguel Gomes, documentary, Portugal/France/Germany/Italy, 2013, 26'

On January 21, 1975, in a village in the north of Portugal, a child writes to his parents who are in Angola to tell them how sad Portugal is. On July 13, 211, in Milan, an old man remembers his first love. On May 6, 2012, in Paris, a man tells his baby daughter that he will never be a real father. During a wedding ceremony on September 3, 1977 in Leipzig, the bride battles against a Wagner opera that she can`t get out of her head. But where and when have these four poored devils begun searching for redemption?


* The film is screened as part of the competition programme, but does not compete.



LIFE GAME - International Short Film Competition IV

October 19, 14:00 Ksuns

October 22, 18:00 KKc cultural centre


I, Jona Honer, documentary, Netherlands, 2013, 27'

Peter, a 56-year-old writer, undergoes a personality change caused by the brain damage a tumor inflicted. His wife, Annette, must learn to live with her new husband. FIlmed before, during and after surgery, the documentary I contemplative shows us how fragile our personality is and how closely it is connected to our physical brains.


FOREIGN BODIES, Nicolas Brault, animation, Canada, 2013, 5'

Foreign Bodies is based on the myth of the 'transparent body' conveyed by modern medical imaging (CT, MRI, cryosection) to sustain the viewer the feeling of strangeness that can sometimes inspire him his own body.


THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, Deben Van Dam, fiction, Belgium, 2013, 26’

Tibo has a serious condition: boredom. He works as a nurse on a palliative care floor, and all he can think of lately is money. Once in a while, he tries to break the routine by placing bets with his co-workers on the last breath of dying patients. All in vain. One day, his colleague Anouk asks him for a favor. Whether Tibo would like to spend the day with Frans Claeskens, the only patiënt without any friends or family, because today Frans will undergo euthanasia. A big favour for everyone who knows the racist and perverted Frans Claeskens.


I AM NOT HERE NOW, Zisis Kokkinidis/Ion Papaspyrou, fiction, Greece, 2013, 9’

Somewhere between a home-video and a postmodern documentary this film is composed entirely of user uploaded videos. Arte Povera, POV documentary, cinémavérité, perhaps a portrait of a generation: Joe catalogues and preserves. Who is Joe? Or, more accurately, what the hell is water?



INEVITABLE ANXIETY - International Short Film Competition V

October 19, 16:00 KSuns

October 23, 14:00 KKc cultural centre


THE SATANICAL THICKET-ONE, Willy Hans, fiction, Germany, 2014, 30'

The chicken is slaughtered, the song is sung, the lake is crossed and the female hitchhiker never knew where she was heading in the first place. One thing is for certain: It’s no easy task to try and understand other people.


THE IMMACULATES, Ronny Trocker, documentary, France, 2013, 13’

In December, 2011, in a city in the North of Italy. As every evening, a young man goes back home. He is parking his car, when he discovers his sixteen-year-old sister in tears in front of the door of their house. She tells him that two young Roma's raped her brutally. The young man leaves immediately in search of the aggressors, but does not find them. The local residents organize a torched walking in solidarity with the girl. The tension begins to rise.


FOUR DEGREE WATER, Gabriel Studerus, hybrid, Switzerland, 2013, 9'

Who is to blame for the Costa Concordia disaster? Anonymous entries in a blog are the starting point of a heated debate on blame and responsibility. It is an armchair case law that ends in chaos and emotional upheaval, universal issues become more important than the actual accident.


LABORAT, Guillaume Cailleau, documentary, Germany, 2014, 21'

Oncological Research Center in Berlin, January 2011. A film team meets with researchers. Using analogue filming methods, the film team records experiments performed on mice. The mice are forced to undergo diverse measures. Whether the film deals with one or several tests, one or several mice is difficult to ascertain, the tests and the naked animals are too similar. Parallel to this, the film team documents their own activities, necessary to make the resording. in Laborat, filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau interweaves the levels. He documents examinations performed on the object with great precision, while simultaneously reflecting on the process of the documentation itself. Distance to the object becomes suspended. The object becomes the subject, the spectator an accomplice. A tapestry of images. Unease sets it.