International Short Film Competition "ENTERING ANOTHER WORLD"

Kaņepes Culture centre cinema / 28.11. / 17:00

Ivana Šebestová
Slovakia / 2018 / animation / 6'

A metaphoric story of a young opera singer who struggles between self-control and spontaneity, sorrow and joy, violet and yellow. In sake of her career she has to sacrifice her joy and vital energy.

Ana Nedeljkovic
Serbia / 2018 / animation / 9'

The girl lives in a gray, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamt of leaving forever for a perfect world called “Abroad”.

The Mandarin Tree
Cengiz Akaygün
Germany / 2017 / short / 18'

After her father is arrested for political reasons by the Turkish government, Sirin is finally allowed to visit him in prison where he encourages her to believe in the freedom of thought. 

The Hymns of Muscovy
Dimitri Venkov
Russia / 2017 / documentary / 14'

To tell a history through architecture and music, the film matches the styles of Moscow’s 20th and 21st century buildings with electronic variations of the Soviet and Russian national anthem. 

Hello, Rain
C.J. 'Fiery' Obasi
Nigeria / 2018 / fiction / 30'

A Scientist-Witch through an alchemical combination of juju and technology creates wigs which grant her friends supernatural powers. But when their powers grow, she must stop them by any means.

All These Creatures
Charles Williams
Australia / 2018 / short / 13'

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.