International Short Film Competition "FIGHTING GAMES"

Kaņepes Culture centre / 29.11. / 19:00




Eimi Imanishi
Fiction / USA, Algeria, Westen Sahara / 2016

Dreaming of a life beyond the confines of the Western Saharan refugee camps in Algeria, Mariam runs away to join the military in the middle of the desert, naively envisioning herself as a Joan of Arc who will liberate her country from occupation.



Svyatyj Bozhe
Vladlena Sandu
Dokumentālā / Krievija / 2016

Self-portrait. In 1998 our family came under armed attack. We were able to escape and we fled Grozny. We have been silent about it since.



Abi Damaris Corbin
Fiction / USA / 2017

Stuck in the minutia of life Joe Franek, a Boston-bred baggage handler, fears he'll never amount to anything. Being a pilot is his goal, but the dream seems far off as financial pressures mount. When tasked with transferring an incoming bag, Franek cracks and steals from the case owned by Mohammad Atta and destined for American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11th, 2001. The suitcase misses Flight 11, forcing Franek to re-tag it for later departure. Franek's world is turned upside down when Flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center. All air traffic is grounded, and the chaotic airport is locked down. Tortured by his careless actions, Franek becomes obsessed with tracking down the bag he delayed. Risking his job and sacrificing his security, Franek becomes a suspect, but his act of courage turns him into an unlikely hero and gives him the legacy for which he longed.



Christian Wittmoser
Fiction / Germany / 2016

When Europe turns to chaos, Emily must hold out in her apartment in hope of reuniting with her loved one. The promise to wait becomes increasingly difficult to keep, as desperation grows and hope dwindles.



Jodilerks Dela Cruz
Carlo Francisco Manatad
Fiction / Philippine / 2017

Jodilerks, a gas station attendant is on her last day of duty. The night is young…



Gabriel Amar, Louis Doucerain, Joseph Heu,
William Marcere, Terrence Tieu, Morgane Vaast
Animācija, Francija, 2016

The murmurings of the audience grow stronger behind the door. It’s almost time. His suit is looking sharp. His fingers are warmed up. He is ready for the fight. Only perfection is tolerated. However, there is more to him than meets the eye. Let the show begin!


All the films are shown in original language with the English subtitles.