International Youth Short Film Competition "IS THIS US?" 12+

Programm curator: Ron Rosenberg  

Cinema KSuns / 27.11. / 13:00

Kaņepes Culture centre cinema / 01.12. / 12:00 (repeat)

The Quiet Willow
Shiyii Xiong
China / 2018 / animation, experimental / 6'

It is a story about growing up. My cousin and I used to be really loud when we were kids, and now we are quiet adults. I don't remember how we got here. But I do remember you standing behind us..

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly
Jorge Muriel
Spain / 2018 / fiction / 20'

In the Madrid a boy Ivan is confronted with the birth of a brother. His sister is dad´s favorite, the newborn is mom's. Which place does he take in this new situation? What if he could fly and escape?

New Bronx
Nowy Brronx
Filip Ignatowicz
Poland / 2017 / short / 15'

Natalia is a boyish girl in her teens living in Gdansk. Her crush from her neighbourhood becomes an obsession, she is ready to do anything to get close. When she reaches her goal, everything changes.

Lobster Dinner
Cena d’aragoste
Gregorio Franchetti
USA, Italy / 2018 / drama, short / 14'

Michele, a wealthy boy, loves to spend time at the chaotic home of Leone. Their different backgrounds were not an issue. Today Michele has brought a pot of lobsters to Leones kitchen.

Juan Pablo Zaramella
Argentina / 2018 / animation / 3'

A hilarious satire about motivational rhetoric, team management and top level sports. Sometimes, motivation isn’t everything. Glory is at our fingertips!

Cat Days
Neko no Hi / ねこ の ひ
Jon Frickey
Germany, Japan / 2018 / animation / 11'

Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor's. She diagnoses a harmless condition, but it shakes the core of the boy's identity.

A Chronic Circus
Helen Woolston
Estonia / 2017 / animation / 6'

A bored cow tries to find some means of self expression. Some visiting clowns offer a tempting glimpse of chaos.