International Short Film Competition "MOMENTS THAT MAKE US"

Kaņepes Culture Centre cinema / 28.11. / 19:30

Where the Summer Goes
David Pinheiro Vicente
Portugal / 2018 / fiction / 21'

It’s summer, a boy and his friends go to the river. A girl follows them. In four chapters, the heat and the humidity of the forest unravel desires among them.

Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzala
Poland / 2017 / documentary / 14'

Zuzia has been training for 2 years and has an extraordinary role topping the acrobatic pyramid. At the start of a new season, it's clear that she's lost some grace. A growth spurt may be the culprit.

Two’s Company
Svend Colding
Denmark / 2018 / fiction / 10'

A couple takes a bath together. It just doesn't turn out to be as pleasant as they were hoping for…

Mikhail Zheleznikov
Russia / 2017 / documentary / 11'

This film is a collage of frames shot on an old camera in different cities and countries over the last three years.

On The Way Home
Kiyama Mizuki
Japan / 2018 / animation / 2'

A father and daughter head home. She begins to drift off as she sways to the rhythm of his steps. The scenery of her dream undergoes transformations as it incorporates the atmosphere around her.

Herman Brown is Feeling Down
Dan Castro
United Kingdom / 2018 / animation / 6'

Herman's quiet world is suddenly interrupted by something loud and stressful. Digital animation combined with ink-on-film techniques‒ film about life, anxiety, learning how to cope with both.

Don't Call Me Bro
Nenn mich nicht Bruder
Gina Wenzel
Germany / 2018 / fiction / 19'

Cheyenne is the only girl in a boys' football gang "The Kick-About Crew" of which hers boyfriend is also a member. One day a new boy with something mysterious about him appears at the pitch.