International Mid-length Competition "LOVERS"

Kaņepes Culture centre cinema / 29.11. / 19:30

The Backward Astronomer
Jake Nelson
United States / 2018 / animation / 10'

A privileged, young man falls in love with a wealthy woman and together they lead reckless lives of opulence in New York City until he finds something better—a doorway leading to the moon.

Sure Sign
Marjo Viitala
Finland / 2018 / fiction / 15'

Jarno feels insecure in his relationship with Emma. One day he finds out that hearing of a certain Roxette song predicts the end for any relationship and he does his best to avoid hearing the song.

Simbiosis Carnal
Rocío Álvarez
Belgium / 2017 / animation / 10'

A poetic journey through the history of desire and sexuality where the female pleasure, long ignored and repressed, takes pride of place.

Rubber Dolphin
Dolfin Megumi
Ori Aharon
Israel / 2018 / fiction / 28'

A gay love story set in a one bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes?

Before We Heal
Nadim Hobeika
Lebanon / 2017 / drama / 15'

Saleem and Raya, two ex lovers, meet at Raya's place. Saleem enters the toilet and somehow gets stuck.