International Short Film Competition "SOMEDAY YOU DIE"

Kaņepes Culture centre cinema / 30.11. / 21:30

Rishi Chandna
India / 2017 / comedy / 14'

What was once a home like a million others in the city, turns topsy-turvy when the eccentric patriarch brings home a baby chick for his cats to play with, much to the exasperation of his family.

Snow White
Thadeusz Tischbein
Germany / 2018 / documentary, experimental / 20'

What role can culture play, when dead bodies are not burried after death, but being used for other purposes? What form of story telling is being used to hide actions and translate them?

Shengwei Zhou
China / 2018 / animation, experimental / 11'

In the prison where female shoes are destined to give birth and forbidden to work, a high heel mother shoe decides to break the rule and rush into danger for the sake of her daughter shoe.

Nara Normande
France, Brazil / 2018 / animation / 14'

Ever-shifting grains of sand become the means to portray happier times on the beaches of the filmmaker's childhood and to pay tribute to a very special friendship.

Jérémy Comte
Canada / 2018 / fiction / 16'

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. Complicity evolves into a confrontation where one wants to have power over the other.