Baltic Short Film Competition "THIS IS CHALLENGING"

Kaņepes Culture centre cinema / 30.11. / 19:30

Where Things, Where People Disappear
Kur dingsta daiktai, kur dingsta žmonės
Jorė Janavičiūtė
Lithuania / 2017 / fiction / 20'

Domas is a kleptomaniac. He works in a sports club where one day he does not manage to resist and steals a bag from a young doctor Simona, who is living through an existential crisis.

Nissan Patrol
Andres Maimik, Katrin Maimik
Estonia / 2018 / fiction / 13'

Art student Jane is hitchhiking and gets picked up by an SUV, driven by a brokenhearted former soldier with a macho mentality.

Nerves on Nerves
Ance Kazaka
Latvia / 2018 / animation / 4'

Most people have a nervous habit – leg shaking, pen clicking or humming, for instance. While some don’t even notice them, they are serious annoyances for others.

Anita Brūvere
Latvia, United Kingdom / 2018 / animation, drama / 9'

A surrealist tale about the all-encompassing nature of living with guilt.

Electrician's Day
Vladimir Leschiov
Latvia / 2018 / animation / 8'

An accident happened during repairs next to the psychiatric hospital, an electrician loses his consciousness and gets to the other side of the wall.

Destined to Be Dead
Hukule määratud
Francesco Rosso
Estonia / 2018 / animation, experimental / 10'

Maybe it is not earthly this road i have to walk, but how can i know if i am subjected to gravitation.

Laurynas Bareisa
Lithuania / 2018 / drama / 14'

Tekle and her daughter Ema return from abroad to visit Tekle’s mother Dalia. When Ema goes out to walk her dog, Dalia, fearing something terrible might happen to Ema, starts looking for her.