International children's Short Film Competition "WHY TOGETHER" U12

Programm curator: Ron Rosenberg  

KSuns / 28.11. / 11:00 un 13:00 

The Station
Jocelyn Wat
United Kingdom / 2017 / animation / 4'

The Granny awaits her little girl at the train station but she gets out on the wrong platform. To rescue her, granny has to go through horrifying obstacles.

The Girl and The Tree of Desire
Alexandra Lupashko
Russia / 2018 / fiction / 17'

Zhenya is on an incredible journey to the Desire Tree to return her parents attention. On the way she meets characters from the fairy-tale world and finds a way to fulfill her desire.

Julia Ocker
Germany / 2017 / animation / 3'

The penguin-waiter wants the penguin-party to be perfect.

Herman Brown is Feeling Down
Dan Castro
United Kingdom / 2018 / animation / 6'

Herman's quiet world is suddenly interrupted by something loud and stressful. Digital animation combined with ink-on-film techniques‒ film about life, anxiety, learning how to cope with both.

Oana Lacroix
France / 2018 / animation / 6'

In a large forest where single-colored birds live, everyone has found his place in a tree that looks like him. But what happens when a bird has two colors?

Coco's Day
Tatiana Moshkova
Russia / 2017 / animation / 4'

Meet Coco, a little boy crocodile who hides from blizzards, explores underwater worlds and even turns into Godzilla – and all inside one flat!

All in Good Time
Bonnie Dempsey
Ireland / 2017 / fiction / 13'

A comic fantasy about two children, one in 1918, the other in 2018, who magically communicate across time through messages in a bottle and help solve each other’s problems.