Good Citizens

The word citizen comes from French language where citoyen was what people were called after the French revolution. Before people were just subjects, subjects unde the kings and emperors. Being a citoyen, a citizen carried the ideas of the revolution: with revolution people were promised liberty, equality and brotherhood (and sisterhood of course). One candebate how there ideals actually worked out, but the word citoyen remained and spreaded all over the world.

Being citizen is nowadays understood as being citizens of this or that country but maybe we should bring back citoyen/citizen in deeper sense, as a honorary name for people who do rembember the ideals that were attached to it over 200 years ago.

Films and other media tell us too often about all the negativive things existing in the world, not that these films also are important. However maybe there is also a place for films about people, people who still are a majority, who behave as good citizens should and how even good ideas do not always work as intended..

Jukka-Pekka Laakso

The Award
Lidija Mojsovska
/ 2017 / fiction / 16'

Arben decides to participate in a religious competition organised by his school in honour of the Christian holiday, in order to get the award of 10 000 denars and help his brother who is sick.

May Day
Olivier Magis, Fedril de Beu
/ 2017 / comedy, fiction / 22'’

In Thierry’s living room, people have gathered. None of them know each other but they are all there to fulfil the same dream. They want to find a job. But we’re in Brussels - nothing goes as planned.

Facing Mecca
Jan-Eric Mack
/ 2017 / fiction / 25'

Roli comes to Fareed’s assistance when the Syrian refugee is faced with the burial of his Muslim wife. Together they stumble into a forest of Swiss bureaucracy to which Roli finds a simple answer.

Doctor Co
Lysander Wiering
/ 2017 / documentary / 24'

80 year old Doctor Co cycles all over Amsterdam to visit refugees. They stay here illegally and aren't eligible for professional medical care. What motivates him to stick up for them?