The rhythm of the people

The rhythm is able to incorporate everything that stands in its way, and it is one of the oldest ways of communication. Drum circles, dances, rituals, and even a simple physiological heartbeat – they all have accompanied civilization in its development to this day, but how much of it all has been conserved?
The program includes a selection of short films from Brazil, France, Serbia, and Portugal. And finally, a special Latvian director's – Andris Slapiņš – film "Latvian folklore", where an attempt to softly touch the traditions of folk songs in the current territory of Latvia is made. In each of the films it is possible to observe a different way in which a person wants to tell a story about himself, his people or even the socio-political situation in the country by using one of the oldest combinations – rhythm, music and message.

Laima Graždanoviča

Move Freely
Wynn Holmes

Norway, Serbia / 2018 / experimental / 8'

The Roma youth culture in Serbia, where they use dance to express themselves. The film celebrates the liberating movements of one of the most persecuted social groups in Europe.

Latvian Folklore
Andris Slapiņš

Latvia / 1983 / documentary / 20'

Latvian folk songs, beliefs and customs throughout the seasons.

La Bouche
Camilo Restrepo

France / 2017 / fiction / 19'

A man learns his daughter has been brutally murdered by her husband. Time stands still as he oscillates between the need for solace and his urge for revenge. 

Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon

Brasil / 2017 / documentary / 4'

A poetic, cinematic exploration into spirituality and music in modern-day Brazil. Film centers on the Congado Santa Efigenia—a congregation belonging to the afro-catholic tradition.

Carousel (merry-go-round)
Luka Popadic

Portugal / 2015 / experimental / 15'

The movie depicts a Serbian choir, a group of elderly women full of life who share their daily routine with us. Through poetic pictures we learn about their views on love, joy, ephemerality of life.