Traditions: Life and death, and all in between

The term "tradition" in the modern sense means a set of beliefs, activities and actions that has been created in a specific group of people and is handed down from generation to generation, but what is the role of national borders in the inheriting of traditions? The short film program examines the traditions of different cultures from the modern "euro-centric" perspective, while striving to keep a distance from what is seemingly near, for example, life and death. Those are traditions: the customs in a contemporary burial office in New Zealand, a special type of fishing in Brazil, stories in an Inuit village, rituals in India, even the Song Festival in Latvia, which, although are rooted in the manifestation of the nations, are so dependent on the political and social context. The program is an attempt to ascertain the significance of national traditions in the modern times, when the question of nationality is again becoming important and, thanks to the development of technology, a person slowly begins to forget about his or her mortality.

Laima Graždanoviča

The Maggot Feeder
Teekond Ussinuumajani
Priit Tender

Estonia / 2012 / animation / 15'

A man decides to kill his wife because she can’t have children. He builds a house on the seashore and starts to grow maggots. When they are as thick as a wrist, he invites his wife for a walk…

The Fish
O Peixe
Jonathas de Andrade

USA, Brazil / 2017 / short / 37'

Fishermen from a village on the northeast coast of Brazil enact a ritual of embracing the fish that they have caught. 

One Latvian Nation
Viesturs Graždanovičs

Latvia / 1994 / documentary / 12'

A sceptic view on the Latvian Song and Dance Festival.

Kaveh Nabatian

Canada, India / 2015 / documentary, experimental / 9'

When the evil demi-goddess Holika tried to burn her son in a fire, Vishnu intervened and Holika burned instead. A hallucinatory journey in 16mm through the eruption of colour, violence, sound, joy.

After Life
Prisca Bouchet

New Zealand / 2017 / documentary / 16'

A compelling glimpse into a rarely seen world, AFTER LIFE reveals a place rich in meaning and humanity – a place where the daily work deals with our deepest fear.