Cinema KSuns / 28.11. / 18:00

Ten Minutes Older
Старше на 10 минут
Hercs Franks
Latvia / 1978 / documentary / 10'

For 10 minutes, the camera is focused on a little boy watching a puppet show, and his facial expressions reveal a plethora of emotions.

Castratus the Boar
Lauris Ābele, Raitis Ābele
Latvia / 2014 / fiction / 23'

Valter has a secret that prevents him from integrating in community. He spends his days breeding pigs and singing in the church choir but that doesn’t make him less lonely.

Wing and Oars
Vladimir Leschiov
Latvia / 2009 / animation / 6'

A story of the life of an ex-pilot. The Land, the Sky and a Woman is all that has happened in between the airstrip and an abandoned boathouse. The past, the present, the future possibilities.

The Water
Laila Pakalniņa
Latvia / 2006 / fiction / 12'

Mary wants to go swimming despite the warnings of the water being very cold. Once in, Mary is forced to deal with the cold among with other feelings, including fear.

The Isle of Seals
Edmunds Jansons
Latvia / 2014 / animation / 6'

A gray Isle of Seals with gray hunters in the middle of a gray sea. One day a photographer arrives to document this island. It turns out to be horribly difficult.


Seven Awkward Sex Scenes
Liene Linde
Latvia / 2016 / comedy, drama / 26'

How would it be, if a movie would try to show sex as it is in real life- when nothing works out because of too much alcohol or everything is spoiled because of strong periods?

Blueberry Spirits
Astra Zoldnere
Latvia / 2016 / documentary / 12'

A story about a Roma family that spends it's summers in the forests of Courland, picking, selling berries. They share stories of ghosts they've seen in the forests, reveal their struggle of identity.