Cinema KSuns / 29.11. / 20:00

Dreams of Centarians
Šimtamečių godos
Robertas Verba
Lithuania / 1969 / documentary / 20'

Villagers who have reached 100 years old relive moments from their past lives. Their remembrances illuminate the traditions of Lithuania and its past addressing the questions of human existence.

Jūratė Samulionytė
Lithuania / 2007 / animation / 15'

Henrikas job is an endless routine, repeatable actions, mechanical rhythm. He is loner, living in his own secret and colourful things’ world and things want to help their owner.

We May Meet, We May Not
Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti
Skirmanta Jakatiė
Lithuania / 2011 / animation / 8'

The film tells a story of miscommunication between mother and daughter, where fear to confront reality leads to tragic consequences.

The Idylls of Kirtimai
Arturas Jevdokimovas
Lithuania / 1991 / documentary / 14'

One of rare attempts in Lithuanian documentary cinema at anthropological observation. It tells the story about gipsy community in the suburb of Vilnius – Kirtimai.

The Noisemaker
Karolis Kaupinis
Lithuania / 2014 / fiction / 15'

A provincial school is waiting for an delegation from the Ministry. This is not what the school needs though. Having shrunk it lacks 2 pupils to satisfy the quota established for any school to exist.