2ANNAS at Luzvana Art Picnic


Riga International film festival 2ANNAS invites the visitors of Luznava Art Picnic to fascinating short film screenings. Visitors are ivnited to engage in three interesting and particulary selected film screenings.

During the day the youngest audience will be able to watch the newest and most colourful animations from all over the world- France, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, and Germany. A special Polish short film screening wil be held in collaboration with Polish film festival "Zubroffka". The event will end with a visually stunning avant-garde and experimental short film selection.

SHORT FILMS FOR KIDS at 13.00 and 14.43

THE GIL WHO SPOKE TO CAT / Dotty Kultys / 2014 / 5’40”

In a dull, organised world a curious girl longs for some colour and joy — against the wishes of her rule-obeying mother. When the girl follows a strange cat that doesn’t fully fit into society’s black and white standards, she discovers a boisterous underground filled with life. She decides to introduce it to the surface.

5M80 / Nicolas Deveaux / 2013 / 5’24”

Along a hallway, a herd of giraffe is walking up. A first one rush on a diving pool and is quickly followed by the rest of the herd.

BIRDY WOUAF WOUAF / Ayce Kartal / 2016 / 4’03

Birdy is an adorable bird used to be pampered by his family. But from the day he starts barking, his dad drives him out. A series of misfortunes goes until he runs across another croaking chick.

GONZALES / Vents Grinbaums / 2014 / 7'55''

A man meets his innermost fear – cockroach. Inspired by his hero Rambo he decides to fight with it. And he goes till the end and nothing can stop him.

RED POPPY / ROSSO PAPAVERO / Rosso Papavero / 2015 / 5’15”

Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and gate between reality and dream is closing.

JUAN AND THE CLOUDS / JUAN Y LA NYBE / Giovanni Macceli / 14”

Juan is a child who doesn t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world.

TIK TAK / Ulo Pikkov / 2015 / 9’20”

Watchmaker controls the time, but the mouse living in the watchmaker’s workshop controls the clocks... This is a film about time and its ephemeral nature.

THE KIOSK / Anete Melece / 2013 / 6’55”

For years now, the kiosk has been Olga‘s little home simply because her sweet tooth and monotonous life has made her larger than the exit. To distract herself she reads travel magazines and dreams of being far away. An absurd incident is the beginning of her journey.

THE FLIGHT / L' ENVOL / Hajime Kimura / 2015 / 4”

This unique film is composed of 2400 images created one by one with Photoshop only using the penbrush tool that gives a blurry hand-painted aesthetic.

ABOUT COATI / Alexandra Romanova / 2015 / 6"

This story shows you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and someone who mocks at you, will eventually see the true value of your deeds. Sometimes the oddities can help you to become meaningful and to gain recognition.




SUMMER OF LOVE / LATO MILOSCI / Marcin Filipowicz / 2014 / 23’06”

Short film telling a story about love between two young people with a happy ending. A boy rents a wooden cabin in the mountains for his beautiful girlfriend and it becomes a place of her "summer of love".

WHISPERERS / Marek Wlodzimirow / / 12’26”

For hundred of years in Podlasie, Poland, have lived women healing people with prayers. Locals and people from all over the country ask for their services. Whisperers have helped thousand of them.

SHIT EATERS / GOWNOJADY / Agata Wojcierowska / 2014 / 17’22”

A maturing teenage girl goes on vacation with her parents. Hanging out with imaginary monsters she's actually longing for closer relationship with her parents. Not being able to show her feelings she prefers to erase parents from her life. Teenage girl doesn't know that lonely adulthood waits for her anyway just around the corner.

KNIFE IN THE WIFE / NOZ W WOZIE / Vita Drygas / 2014 / 10’49”

Knife In the Wife is a documentary impression portraying the life of the provincial Arizona Circus. The culminating point of their show is the throwing of knives. For over fifteen years the circus owner and his son have been throwing them at their wives. The world of this six-person circus troop, though it gives the impression of the grotesque, is frequented by sorrow. Despite the fact that their show isn't the highest of arts, the magic of the circus fascinates the young viewers..

HOSANNA / Katarzyna Gondek / 2015 / 758’’

In the eyes of a little girl, grandmother looks a lot like a witch. So she decides to spice up the religious old lady’s boring life a little. An absurd fairy tale in fascinating images.

ENDEMICS GREED / Natalia Dziedzic / 2014 / 11’

At the beach, the destinies of a sailor who becomes bald, a girl and two small creatures (a bee and a crab) intersect. An animation on the primal desire, a feature of human nature.



KINSTUGI / Antonella Mignone, Cristiano Panepuccia / 2014 / 4’30”

Scars are links to the events that caused them. Very often these events are traumatic. Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery”, is the japanse technique of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin. Every repaired ceramics has a unique and irreplicable pattern of golden lines due to randomness of the crushing.
This technique has its roots in the belief thaht the object is more valuable and beautiful with its history revealed. Bodies also tell us their story. Some of them say it loud.

ELENA ASINS - GENESIS /Aivaro Gimenez Sarmiento / 2014 / 18”

Elena Asins has lived for over 20 years in Azpírotz, a small village in the northeast of Navarra. From there she develops one of the most significant artistic careers in the Spanish contemporary art scene.


One of the longest bridges in Germany crosses the Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel in 40 meters height. The further one approaches this structure the more impressive are its visual and acoustic effects. For the engineers of the bridge checking patrol, it is object of investigation. For the film, it is performer, sound body and a symbol.

FACE/ Jurģis Krāsons / 2014 / 13’52”

His own image in the mirror was so important that once he didn’t find himself there.

MINUET FOR A DISAPPEARANCE / Maaman Rezaei / 2015 / 5’50”

Minuet for a Disappearance is an experiment to give life to memories of a political prisoner in Iran through drawings on 16mm films and documenting the objects sent to his daughter from the prison.

#YA / Ygor, Florencia Gama, Rovlich / 2015 / 15”

First it’s paint bombs, followed hard by riots. Tweets proclaim what is to be done. Resistance is everywhere. Something has to give. Two young activists meet amid turbulent events. They dance. The city belongs to them.

PLANET ∑ / Mommoko Seto / 2014 / 11’50”

In PLANET ∑, giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Submarine explosions provoke a global warming, and a new life begins for animals.

WINGS AND OARS / Vladimir Leschiov / 2014 / 5’40”

A former pilot looks back over his life - The Earth, the Sky, the Woman - everything that took place on the journey from an air strip to an abandoned boat house. 


* Films will be screened in the original language with Latvian subtitles. Entry fee in the Art Picnic 2 EUR. 

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