2ANNAS at the film festival RojaL


Riga International Film Festival 2NNAS invites to the screening of best shorts of 2015 on Saturday, 29th of July, at 22.00 at the film festival RojaL in Roja, Latvia. The program portrays newest esthetical tendencies and narrative structuries in the world of short films.

The visitors of festival RojaL will have the oportunity to get acquainted with 6 awarded 2ANNAS films- the winner of GRAND PRIX- the sarcastic norwegian Hallvar Witzo short “Yes, We Love,” best international documentary “Shipwreck” by Morhan Knibbe from The Netherlands, the best international animation by Poitor Dumala “Hipopotamy” from Poland as well as the best Baltic short animation “House of Unconciousness” from Estonia by Priit Tender and Lithuanian Julius Sičiunas "Fish of my Life". The program will be completed with the best Mid-lenght (30-60 min) short by Aliona Polunina, documentary “Varya” from Russia and internationally acclaimed Latvian animation "Isle of Seals" by Edmunds Jansons.  

Best shorts of 20th Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS (104 min)

YES WE LOVE / JA VI ELSKER, Hallwar Witzo, fiction, Norway, 2015, 15'

Yes We Love is Norway represented by four generations, each with their crisis on Norway’s Constitution Day.


HIPPOS / HIPOPOTAMY, Piotr Dumala, animation, Poland, 2014, 12'

A few naked women and children are bathing in a river. They are being secretly observed by a group of men, who, at one point decide to approach them, in a violent manner, as if inspired by the behaviour of hippopotamuses

 SHIPWRECK, Morgan Knibe, documentary, The Netherlands, 2014, 14' 57''

On October 3 2013, a boat carrying 500 Eritrean refugees sunk off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. More than 360 people drowned. Abraham, one of the survivors, walks through a graveyard of shipwrecks and vividly remembers the nightmarish experience.

HOUSE OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS/ ALATEADVUSE MAJA, Priit Tender, Estonia, animation, 2015, 10'41''

This film is based on a long-term study of the dreams of chimney sweepers. The most frequently encountered images have been selected from the abundant material available and the script was created on the basis of those images.

THE FISH OF MY LIFE/ MANO GYVENIMO ŽUVIS, Julius Sičiūnas, fiction, Lithuania, 2014, 5'39''

Once upon a time in the middle of nowhere there was a farmhouse. Two seniors lived there. Long, long ago they truly loved each other. Now their life is nothing but a routine. This is a story about loneliness. About endless aspirations in life. And pancakes.

VARYA / VARJA, Aliona Polunina, documentary, Russia, 2014, 47' 

Uncertainties illustrated by the great search engine powers: for Yandex, the Crimea is Russian territory, for Google it is Ukrainian. And the realm of Facebook is only a keystroke away, not to be underestimated as a platform for ideological positioning. 

ISLE OF SEALS / ROŅU SALA, Edmunds Jansosns, animation, Latvia, 2014, 6'

In the middle of a grey sea there is a grey isle. On this grey island grey hunters live. The life is simple and harsh. Seals and hunters live together in a cruel balance. One day, the Photographer arrives to document this everyday life. For him it turns out to be deadly complicated.

BLUE THUNDER / Bleu Tonnerre, Jean-Marc E. Roy, fiction, Canada, 2015, 21'

In his thirties and in a desperate need of a purpose, Bruno ends up homeless after a breakup. This sawmill worker with no despair and under the watchful eye of his motherly eldest sister will find a motivation to put his beloved blue suit back on and to rekindle an old flame.

BEATS OF THE EMPTY LAND / Reinis Spaile, fiction, Latvia, 2015, 28'

Fourteen year old Arvids lives in a small village and spends most of his time daydreaming about his future plans together with his best friend Klavs.

Films will be screened in original language with English subtitles. 

More info about film festival RojaL here.