2ANNAS at Riga City Festival

May the cinema be brought to life!

Nowadays cinema and sound are just as inseparable elements as the famous animation character Fantadroms and his natural habitat Cosmos. Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS invites children, parents and grandparents to the fascinating music and cinema wokshop where they will have the opportunity to make sounds themselves and create sound effects for the animation "Fantadroms".

At the finale of the evening at 6pm & 8pm Riga City Festival guests will be able to enjoy one of the classical silent era cult films – comedy „The General” by Buster Keaton – complemented with live music written by Latvian composer Inita Jansone. 

Event programme:

11.00am - 12.30pm  & 1.30pm - 3.00pm Creative workshop for children together with Indrikis XIII - the famous character from animation „Fantadroms”.

Participants will fill in Fantadrom’s space adventures with live sounds under the guidance of percussion teacher Miguel Hernandez. Both traditional and non-traditional music instruments, voice and body percussion will be used for making various sound effects to be recorded live. 

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12.30am – 1.30pm Selection of animated films by animation studio „DAUKA” - “Riga” (60min)

Selection of animated films by „Dauka” studio with the stories about Riga – „Difficult rigans”, „Sausage’s adventures” and etc.

3.00pm - 4.00pm Selection of children films by „2ANNAS” film festival (60min)

1. Birdy Wouaf Wouaf / Ayce Cartal / France / 2016 / 4min
2. About Coati / Alexandra Slepchuk / Russia / 2015 / 6min
3. The right way / Emilio Yebra / Spain / 2015 / 4min
4. Little thing / Or Kan Tor / Israel / 2016 / 5min
5. Plaster / Nicolas Deveaux / Netherlands / 2015 / 10min
6. Junction / Nathan Jurevicus / Lithuania / 2016 / 7min
7. Little Shimajiro / Isamu Hirabayashi / Japan / 2015 / 8.5min
8. The Kiosk / Anete Melece / Latvia / 2013 / 7min
9. Red Poppy / Martin Smatana / Slovakia / 2015 / 5min
10. PAWO / Antje Heyn / Germany / 2015 / 7min

6.00pm and 8.00pm Silent film „The General” accompanied by live music.

The organizers invite Riga celebration guests to enjoy one of the classical works of the silent cult film – the comedy „The General” by Buster Keaton – with live music performance of the film score composed in Latvia / composer Inita Jansone /.

The sound track will be performed by Inita Jansone (piano), Ernests Circenis (accordion), Laura Zimka (violin) and Jānis Fedotovs (percussion).

The movie is about an engineer, who is responsible for the locomotive „The General”. During the Civil War in Amerika the enemy’s army steals the locomotive. The main character needs to get the train back using all his power.

One of the movie scenes that show the train going out of the rails is considered to be the most expensive scene of all silent movie history. The scene cost 40 000 USA dollars.

Entry is free of charge but reserving your seat on www.bezrindas.lv is highly advised.


Rīgas dome, Tehniskās jaunrades nams „Annas 2”, kinoteātris „K.Suns”