”Polish School of Animation” is a term which was introduced by foreign critics and authors to
define an artistic movement initiated in the 1950s by Jan Lenica and Walerian Borowczyk. Despite difficulties in capturing the essence of ”Polish animation” and providing its precise description, it is fairly easy to point out its most basic feature, so characteristic for the culture of the nation which struggled to regain its cultural, political and social independence for nearly two hundred years.
After more than 60 years from the first achievements of the national ”school”, Polish animation again impresses with its abundance of talents, deep embedding in plastic arts and readiness to experiment. This becomes especially clear after watching a set of films awarded during the first competition of Polish short animations ANIMA.PL held at the 24th edition of the International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima 2017.

Bogusław Zmudziński
Artistic Director of the IFF Etiuda&Anima


The Incredibly Elastic Man
Nieprawdopodobnie elastyczny człowiek
Karolina Specht
/ 2013 / animation / 5'

The story of a man born without shape. Constant deformations and being crammed into other people’s molds makes him feel rebellious. Can one live completely detached from others, from reality?

Super Film
Super rzecz
Piotr Kabat
/ 2016 / animation / 6'

The plot takes place in an artist’s sketchbook, where the realities of doodles, special effects, Hollywood movies, cartoons and corporate logos collide, revealing a completely different reality.

Summer 2014
Lato 2014
Wojciech Sobczyk
/ 2014 / animation / 12'

Poetic treaty on violence regarded by the author as the main mover of the history filled with plagues and misery. Another battle results in apocalyptic landscape where a falling man is lost.

Schroedinger’s Dog
Pies Schroedingera
Natalia Krawczuk
/ 2016 / animation / 9'

A short story of a man, a women, their dog and a couch. Their common days are filled with boredom and taking naps, but things will change when their pet will suddenly disappear.

Oh Mother!
O, Matko!
Paulina Ziółkowska
/ 2017 / animation / 13'

Mother and son are changing roles constantly; at times the mother is an adult, sometimes the son takes care of the childish mother. It works fine, until the boy decides to start an independent life.

Mr Miniscule and the Whale
Pan Maluśkiewicz i wieloryb
Andrzej Gosieniecki
/ 2016 / animation / 9'

Based on one of the most famous poems by Julian Tuwim. An expedition of Mr Miniscule becomes an excuse for philosophical tale about a little man who wants to defy a great challenge.

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II
Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II
Marta Pajek
/ 2016 / animation / 15'

A certain woman, harried in a search for perfection constantly trips and falls. When she gets up, she discovers her house has unexpected powers – it is built of paradoxes and filled with illusions.

Tomek Ducki
/ 2013 / animation / 4'

Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time, lured by the unusual light, they are diving deeper than usual. Animated reflection on time and limits of what is real.