Women’s stand-up is a kind of frightening feminist propaganda. They’re beautiful, sexy, and just a quick glance at them will turn you into a feminist (or a toad). After they’re done with the mic it’s always lipstick-red. Their favourite letter is “G” – grenache, gentlemen, genitalia…They tell their stories. Brave. Important. Women’s stand-up!


TUESDAY / 27.11. / 22:00 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

A very special 2ANNAS event where festival organisers and their friends play their records and turn a real house party on the second floor of the Kaņepes Culture Centre. Informal, unpredictable and almost a secret. Taking care of the records: DJ Laima.


WEDNESDAY / 28.11 / 22:00 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

Dambis is best known as a member of the rock band Inokentijs Mārpls and experimental project Amorālā Psihōze. He also DJ’s, hosts a radio Naba program Bitīt matos, dedicated to Latvian music, and releases independent music compilations Odekolons and Latvijas Punk/HC, as well as metal compilations Latvijas metāls.
He had his first DJ experience over 15 years ago, and now he can be seen in various clubs and cafes in Riga. His repertoire is very eclectic – everything from underground to pop.


WEDNESDAY / 28.11. / 20:00-21:30 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

You can meet Visvaldis every Wednesday at Kaņepes Culture Centre where you can have the pleasure to listen to special playlists made by him. Visvaldis is a wise music admirer who's taste we can rely on and who likes to share his knowledge. 


THURSDAY / 29.11. / 22:00 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

Uldis Rudaks is a music journalist - writing for various publishers (interviews, reviews, etc.), host of programmes at Radio NABA. Author of "Rokupācija" (Rockupation) (2008) – an autobiography dedicated to Latvian music and the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.
Puts his huge record collection to good use DJ’ing, trying to not only entertain but also educate the audience, just as he does in journalism.


THURSDAY / 29.11 / 20:00 / KKC / ENTRANCE FEE: 3 EUR

“Auziņš - Čudars - Arutyunyan” is a contemporary jazz trio from Riga.
All three being experienced and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians, the trio strives to create a world of sound that goes beyond the musical genre, basing this sound on energy, emotion and imaginative ideas and concepts.


FRIDAY/ 30.11. / 22:00 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

DJ Tanheizers - dreamy and at the same time a restless being. Realizes himself as the voice of Radio NABA, a musician, artist, artistic and cultural event artist, actor, event manager, producer and producer of good music.A special love for cats, literature, cinema, blues, jazz and contemporary academic music, an effort to find the root of true values in other genres. "


SATURDAY / 01.12 / 22:00 / KKC / FREE ENTRY

Pachamama is an audio-visual event wherein the conventional musical-geographical boundaries are extended by K’AN’s electronic world music sets that engage in a hypnotizing dance, while the visualizations by VJ Dasha Ludski (Daša Ludski) are a trip to different cultures and your wildest dreams and fantasies.